Mottos for Success Vol 4 Perpetual Desktop Calendar and Quote book


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    • The fourth edition in the popular Mottos for Success series
    • A motivating thought for every day of the year
    • Ideas, tips, and counsel to reflect on and implement
    • Find keys to better relationships and a happier you through these inspiring insights
    • Start each new day primed for success

First of all our “Mottos for Success Vol. 4” perpetual calendar and quote book contains 365 illuminating insights with positive uplifting quotes offering unique perspectives on everyday life.  In addition this freestanding desktop calendar comes in a beautifully designed box, making it the perfect corporate gift. We can easily personalize your quotebooks with your own company logo and contact information for just this purpose.

Because Mottos for Success is a perpetual motivational calendar, it can be given out at any time of year, as holiday gifts or at special company events. You won’t find a better way to keep your logo, company name and contact information in front of your customers, clients and business contacts every day of the year.

Have you thought about giving Mottos for Success perpetual desktop calendar quote books to your friends and loved ones? These make a wonderfully inspirational gift that anyone you care about is sure to appreciate. We are happy to personalize your special order according to your specifications to make this original gift even more special.

And don’t forget about yourself, this will make a very handy desktop calendar and will keep you motivated and inspired each day of the year, with 365 insightful quotes to keep your focus on achieving success. Our Mottos for Success perpetual desktop calendar quote books come in both English and Spanish.


Authors: M.S.
Number Of Pages: 369
Binding Type: Wire-bound
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