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Mottos for Success  Volume 2 Calendar and Quote Book.

A sequel to the eminently successful Mottos for Success Volume 1, Volume 2 features a selection of topics including faith, prayer, having a warm and loving relationship with God, and facing life’s challenges with courage.

The Mottos for Success Volume 2 offers an original quote for each day of the year in handy desktop format.
These beautiful desktop calendar quote books make meaningful and very original gifts for friends and loved ones and of course you’ll want one gracing your desk or mantelpiece too!

See for yourself why readers call it “insightful,” “stirring,” “thought-provoking,” “heartwarming,” “addictive,” and “priceless”!

The Mottos for Success series of inspirational quote books offer an original maxim for each day of the year.

Authors: M.S. Fontaine
Number Of Pages: 369
Binding Type: Wire-bound
Product ID:  9783037300879
Product ID Type:  EAN
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